Combo: SF x Sneaker LAB colab

Sneaker Freaker and Sneaker LAB have joined forces to create a limited edition range of premium cleaning products. The creative partnership highlights Sneaker Freaker's greatest colab hits from the past 20 years – as well as a decade deep in the game for Sneaker LAB – by using bespoke packaging to house the brand's Green Tag-certified products. 

The Sneaker Wipes are the most effective and convenient way of cleaning on-the-go. They're also imbued with Sneaker LAB's unique biological formula that leaves a layer of 'good' bacteria behind to feed on footwear filth for several days.

When the grub is extra stubborn, the Basic Kit is the perfect back-up and consists of Sneaker LAB's classic Sneaker Cleaner and a Premium Brush perfect for midsoles and upper applications.

Recognise those distinctive lines and curves on the packaging? Yep, it’s the various outsoles of SF’s biggest collaborations spanning the last two decades, blown up in crisp, macro, technicolour detail. 

Each Combo Kit Contains

1 x Basic Kit
- Sneaker LAB’s classic Sneaker Cleaner
- Premium Brush
- Extra Sneaker Wipe in every box

1 x Wipes
- 30 x Sneaker LAB Wipes
Sneaker LAB’s unique biological formula