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Zoot Makai (Blue/Orange)

Here at Sneaker Freaker, we have written about tens of thousands of sneakers from hundreds of brands; so many that we have a brand for every letter of the alphabet except X and Z. It gives us great pleasure to anoint Zoot Sports as our first ever featured sneaker brand starting with Z! Now there's just one more to go – Xtep, holler at us! Bulls#!t milestones aside, we've been given the direct connect from the designer of the new 'Makai' sneaker by Zoot, and are revealing it to you above. Many small sneaker fish contact us on the reg hoping to get their products featured on our site, but we have to pass on most because, frankly, they're totally wack. These Makais, however, are not totally wack! You won't get a punch in the spleen for rocking these on the race track and they are definitely acceptable with shorts on a summer's day. The tech is tight too, with a Z-Lock lace system that makes the daily kneel-down ritual quick and comfy, while a molded 3D heel counter with heel pull equals sweet support and fast push offs, and the upper breathes easy with a Charlotte's web-full of mesh. For more info on the Zoot Makai go here or here.

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