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Nike's New 'NYC' Huarache Wears All Black and a Slick Zip

6 Huarache Zip Sneaker Freaker6 Huarache Zip Sneaker Freaker
7 Huarache Zip Sneaker Freaker
1 Huarache Zip Sneaker Freaker
3 Huarache Zip Sneaker Freaker
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5 Huarache Zip Sneaker Freaker

After its impressive stint dominating wishlists and wardrobes, went a little quiet. But it’s edged back onto radars, first with a couple of suave , and now with a new-look zip closure.

We’ll admit, the zip confused us at first, but we’ve since learned its story. Inspired by everyone’s go-to winter garment – the puffer jacket – the latest Huarache’s tongue-length zip is complemented by puffer-jacket like quilting on the toe box.

If you found the first release’s all-out straight-up unwearable, let all-black win you over. Built for New York City and its puffer-jacketed denizens, the blacked-out shoe features additional padding and ‘NYC’ across the back heel tab where ‘Nike’ usually sits.

While the look of a zipped-up Huarache will take some getting used to, there’s no denying the newcomer carries a premium vibe.

Nike's Air Huarache Run 'NYC' drops November 22 at Nike.

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