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Zara Made Another Sneaker You'll Feel a Way About

Zara are going back-to-back with designs jacked from fashion powerhouses. This follow-up to their Yeezy variant is listed on their site as ‘Contrasting Sneakers with Thick Soles’, which translates to ‘Vague Name That Won’t Get Us in Legal Trouble.'

Some have said Zara didn’t rip off the design, citing that the bulky sneaker vibe has been around for a while now and is surely fair game. But we’re finding it hard to look at this shoe and not see an Ozweego sole unit and Triple S upper tinkered to skirt IP infringements.

That said, the sneaker actually looks pretty good [views of the employee do not necessarily reflect those of the employer]. The colourway is on point and the build makes ideas from fashion-forward designs easier to swallow. And what’s more, they’re only 90 bucks. They might be fugazi (shoe-gazi?) but you get what you pay for.

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