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YouTuber Offers Peep Inside China's 'Official' Fake Yeezy Store

China’s Wenzhou made headlines recently for being home to the world’s first ‘official’ fake Yeezy store. Thanks to weak intellectual property laws, the retailer managed to rip-off Kanye’s sneaker line by trademarking the name ‘Yeezy’ before the Three Stripes, and has been selling Yeezy BOOST 550s ever since.

Now, curious YouTuber Collin Abroadcast has given us a look inside the store and showcased the knock-off wares. Expect dragons, snakes and scorpions fashioned in Gucci-style embroidery and woefully off-brand colourways.

Unlike most knock-off vendors, this one doesn't barter. And its products are only a fraction below normal Yeezy price! Crazy, right? But it seems the shoes are so popular that no one cares.

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