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Nike Air Max Plus 3 D Gs Lateral Side Full
Nike Air Max Plus Gs 3 D Top Insole
Nike Air Max Plus 3 D Gs Sole
Nike Air Max Plus 3 D Gs Lateral Inside
Nike Air Max Plus 3 D Gs Heel

You'll Need 3D Glasses to See this Nike Air Max Plus
Release: TBC

Style Code: CQ9893-400

Colourway: 3D Glasses

When Back to the Future Part II hit movie screens in 1989, it promised us a lot of things by the year 2015. Some of them we got, and some of them we didn’t. Flying DeLoreons? No. Air Mags? Big yes. Hoverboards? No. Biff Tannen exerting political influence? Well, kind of. One scene that has always stood out is when the loveable Marty McFly almost gets gobbled up by a gigantic 3D Shark that comes out of a billboard advertising Jaws 19.

Though our 3D capabilities have far advanced those of 1989, we haven’t quite come that far. However, with the latest ‘3D Glasses’-themed Nike Air Max Plus, we’re pretty close.

On the tail of the release of the Air Force 1, and the Little Posite Pro, the Swoosh have continued their GS collection on the Air Max Plus silhouette – which we’d say is as just as aggressive as an oversized Great White Shark. Utilising a clean all-white mesh upper, the 3D glasses theme of blue and red is cleverly used across the silhouette, with a fade on the veins and a layered 3D effect on the tongue logo and insole.

We know you probably think it’s right there in front of you, but that’s just an illusion – you’ll have to wait until they release on Nike in the next few weeks to grab a pair for real!

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