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Fancy a Pair of Commemorative Size 22 Shaq Attaqs?

Reebok Shaq Pump 1Reebok Shaq Pump 1

is selling a pair of Size 22 to celebrate the day that Big Shamrock thundered into the NBA. The sneakers wear the same colourway O’Neal debuted in, with black, silver and blue streaking over structural supports to match Orlando Magic’s uniform.

Better yet, the big ballers — housed in a collectible case — come signed by Shaq himself with ‘HOF 16’ to commemorate his Hall of Fame induction.

The catch is you probably don’t have the necessary cash handy to secure them. The sneakers are listed now for $699 USD — a large sum, but then there's a lot more to these than your usual puny size 10s.

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