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Yeezys Stolen At Knifepoint

Let this be a reminder to anybody reselling sneakers face-to-face: keep your wits about you! A 22-year-old man hoping to cash in on his Yeezy 750 BOOSTs was robbed at knifepoint in Sydney. ABC reports that the man arranged to meet up with a buyer in a park (at night, no less) – the 'buyer' pulled a knife, snatched the sneakers and bolted.

The days of getting asked your shoe size pre-mugging may be largely in the past, but getting jacked at meet-ups remains a scarily real possibility – especially with big-ticket items. If you’re offloading particularly pricey sneakers, be savvy about it. Meet your prospective buyer in a public, well-lit place where you feel safe, don't go alone, and make sure the only robbery going down is of the daylight variety (i.e. the resale price you're demanding).

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