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Yeezy Mafia Claim Stormzy Wears Fakes, Get Shut Down by Jon Wexler

Adidas Stormzy Fakes Yeezy Mafia 5Adidas Stormzy Fakes Yeezy Mafia 5
Adidas Stormzy Fakes Yeezy Mafia 4
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Adidas Stormzy Fakes Yeezy Mafia 1

 just tried to go after Stormzy for wearing fake and got shut down by Jon Wexler.

The beef started on Twitter, naturally, when Mafia posted an image of Stormzy performing in pair of  with the accompanying text: ‘Do your job @YeezyBusta' - an invitation to the prominent exposer of Yeezy fakes to get involved.

Now, Yeezy Mafia provide enough sagely insights into drops to make you wonder whether their crystal ball emoji really can predict the future. But this isn't one of those instances. Straight after the accusation, Stormzy clapped back.

Posting images of the box wasn't enough for Mafia, though. Many questioned the shoes' legitimacy based on the dimensions of the sticker’s graphics, but Jon Wexler — adidas VP of entertainment, and likely the one who provided Stormzy with the shoes — chimed in to authenticate the pair.

Though Yeezy Mafia haven’t given in, they probably should. There are many reasons why a pair seeded ahead of release to a high-level adidas member will differ from other pairs, and Wexler is hands-down the one person who can't be argued with in cases like this. The Mafia do great things, but as Stormzy says on Gang signs and Prayer: ‘You’re getting way too big for your boots, you’re never too big for the boot, I‘ve got the big size 12s on my feet…’ you can fill in the rest.

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