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New Balance X Girl H710 1
Front New Balance Xgirl 1
Back New Balance X Girl 1
H710 Nb Xgirl Pink 1
Hikingboot New Balance X Girl 1
X Girl Nb H710 1
X Girl Nb 710 1
Xgirl Newbalance 710 1

X-Girl X New Balance H710

X-girl and New Balance have teamed up to release a super cute hot-pink H710 boot for the adventurous ladies of the world. This rock-hopper features a heavy-duty outsole, plush upper, metallic D-rings with purple and teal hiking laces, topped-off with a star-shaped X-girl charm. Sporting looks to wow and toughness to boot the H710 definitely holds its own from the city pavement all the way to the rugged ranges. Get yours now at Calif. Happy trekking!

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