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Would You Lop the Top Off the Air Jordan 1 ‘Prototype’?

Air Jordan 1 Prototype
Via @teddyssole
Air Jordan 1 Prototype
Air Jordan 1 Prototype

In recent months, we’ve seen the Air Jordan 1 Switch offer wearers the choice of rocking their Jays high or low, thanks to a zip-fastened collar. And now the Air Jordan 1 Prototype is asking a different question: if you had to make the change permanently, would you?

One of four AJ1s in the recently revealed Fall lineup, the Prototype swaps out the Switch’s zip for a row of perforations, which can be cut to reveal a low-top bolstered with a slab of orange foam. It’s an interesting twist on the classic Jumpman model that has us wondering how many people will take the path of no return and lop the top off.

Elsewhere, the colour scheme is kept pretty simple, with shades of grey paired with royal and sky blues, while sparing hits of orange hint at what’s inside.

The Air Jordan 1 Prototype is set to hit stores such as Flight Club and GOAT on September 11, so you’ve got time to decide whether you’ll keep ‘em high or chop ‘em low.

Update: Pairs are now expected to land on September 24.

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