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Will the Kyrie 3 'Rainbow' Lead the Celtics to a Pot of Gold?

Nike Kyrie 3 Rainbow Sneaker FreakerNike Kyrie 3 Rainbow Sneaker Freaker
Nike Kyrie 3 Rainbow 1 Sneaker Freaker
Nike Kyrie 3 Rainbow 2 Sneaker Freaker

In Irish folklore, the leprechaun is a mischievous fairy who spends his spare time making and mending shoes. Think of him as a pint-sized sneakerhead who possesses some serious magical powers (sorry, sneaker freakers, but securing the Off-White Jordan 1 isn't a magical power: you've been outdone here!). Anyway, legend has it that if a human manages to catch the leprechaun, they'll be led to the precious pot of gold that he stores at the end of the rainbow.

With this  'Rainbow' PE, are attempting to capture the fast-footed fairy. You can peep the leprechaun's rainbow stomping grounds through the Kyrie 3's translucent outsole. With a gold Swoosh, gold hues woven into the laces, and logo shining bright, it's clear that the Celtics are hoping their Irish roots will see them arrive at that supposedly mythical stash of gold.

Of course, being a Player Exclusive, this won't be hitting stores any time soon. Perhaps once the Celtics have scooped up their share of gold coins, they'll pass this down to us.

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