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Why is Kyrie Releasing a Cavs PE From Last Season?

Boston's biggest baller's been beating around in his 'What the Kyrie' Nike hybrids lately. If the 'What the Kyrie' had you asking WTF, Irving's latest release will really leave you puzzled.

Recently leaked pics of the Kyrie 3 'For the Fearless Only' have the blogs buzzing, as the very detailed shots suggest that the Swoosh are prepping for a drop. But, don't get it twisted, this shoe's nothing new!

The 'For the Fearless Only' make-up was first worn by Uncle Drew back in April. These were the good old days for Ohioans; the Cavs were practically a shoo-in to rep the East in the NBA finals, and the team were running laps around the Pacers in the playoffs. And, most importantly, #2 was wearing the blue, wine and gold jersey.

'For the Fearless' was loudly printed on the upper to encourage fans to get behind the franchise's #DefendTheLand championship push. At the time, the shoe was celebrated among Cavs fans for the bold defiance it shoved in the face of opponents. In fact, the model resonated so deeply with this fanbase that a host of fakes popped up online right after Kyrie stepped off court.

Kyrie's now departed Quicken Loans Arena for greener pastures, but it seems he took a few shoes with him on his flight out. The white and black Kyrie 3 'For the Fearless Only' isn't an in-your-face Cavs colourway: the relatively neutral palette has us wondering whether Kyrie was already plotting his escape during the playoffs.

However, the red and black sole accents, coupled with a lick of red on the tongue, draw us back to Ohio. The significance the message printed on the shoe holds for Cavs fans makes this a highly unusual release choice for Kyrie.

Perhaps Kyrie's playing with us here: after all, there's also a Kyrie 3 'Fear' on the way. With his flat earther comments, we know (or hope?) that the Ankletaker loves a good troll. Perhaps he will include both 'Fear' models in a pack to incite anger on his former home ground. There's no release date set for either model yet, so we'll just have to wait and see.

We used to think it was a gutsy and impressive move for players to wear Kobes against Kobe. But, if Kyrie wears these 'For the Fearless Only' in a game against his former teammates, it's going to go down in basketball history. Does the Hall of Fame have an award for the best troll?

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