Money Kicks Jordan Escalade 4
Money Kicks Jordan Escalade 3
Money Kicks Jordan Escalade 2
Money Kicks Jordan Escalade 1

Warning: Post Contains Graphic Displays Of Ostentation

If you’re offended by gratuitous displays of wealth then it might be time for you to look away because Rashed Belhasa, known in the cybersphere as Money Kicks, doesn’t care squat about your sensitivities. More than just a silver spoon, this kid was born with full silver service jammed into his grinning gob, and has been cashing in big time on the frivolities it affords (Google his recent Supreme x Louis Vuitton Ferrari wrap, which he can’t even legally drive).

Now he’s busted out the cling-film again to wrap an Escalade in the style of DJ Khaled’s ‘Grateful’ Air Jordan 3. It seems like a lot of effort to go through just to earn the chagrin of YouTube followers, but who are we to question what floats this kid’s boat, or yacht, or whatever. Now, please excuse us while we go and wash this taste out of our mouths.

Now ReadingWarning: Post Contains Graphic Displays Of Ostentation

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