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Want Upscale Slip Ons? visvim have the Skagway

Visvim Skagway Slip On Black Lateral
Visvim Skagway Slip On Black Front Angle
Visvim Skagway Slip On Black Front
Visvim Skagway Slip On Black Heel

To many of us, price point puts it squarely within the aspirational market: semi-luxury items ever so slightly out of reach for the average salary. Regardless, the Slip-On is a super-premium option for those wanting a little more out of their shoes (and wallets).

Like any other cupsoled sneaker in this style, the canvas upper has two small elastic gussets at the tongue to aid fit. A particularly tall midsole wall with foxing strip holds everything in place, and there is enough real estate to stick on a retro visvim logo. Add zig zag motifs and V tags and you’ve got yourself a $450 price tag.

And we need them. Time to hit up Xhibition where stock is already running low.

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