Vlone X Nike Air Force 1 9 1
Vlone X Nike Air Force 1

VLONE Air Force 1s Might Still Be Releasing

New comments from VLONE and credible sneaker leakers indicate that the VLONE x Nike Air Force 1s might still be releasing. The partnership was thought to be terminated after A$AP Bari allegedly sexually assaulted a woman, and a Nike spokesperson said pretty conclusively, ‘We can confirm that we are no longer working together.’

However, VLONE seem to think otherwise. This week they posted to Instagram a version of their Nike Air Force 1 captioned with ‘Soon…’ Adding weight to VLONE’s post is a tweet from Sole Heat that states the Air Force 1 will land on October 2017.

This begs the question: if the white Air Force 1 does release, does that mean the black and red version will too? And what about the Vandals? Given the controversy surrounding the releases, it’s not looking hopeful. And if the allegations are founded, Nike would be right to destroy every pair.

Whatever the outcome, stay tuned and we’ll hit you with updates as they come.

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