Virgil Abloh Off White Presto 2
Virgil Abloh Off White Presto 3

Virgil Abloh Shares New Off-White Prestos

After months of rumours and a couple of shoddy leaks, Virgil Abloh has given us what we want: a proper look at his upcoming Off-White Prestos. He took to Instagram to share the model, which comes draped in white or black with contrasting lettering on the sides.

Abloh has distinguished his own pairs with lettering along the midsoles in peach and lime green — something we’re bound to see copied by blue-ticked IG accounts in the months to come.

Just as he shared pairs, so too did a hoard of leakers. It’s unclear whether pairs on unauthorised accounts are the real deal (though they’d be doing well to have replicas this early), but, judging by the amount of people with them, these Prestos could be a wider release than Abloh’s last. Fingers crossed.

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