Virgil Abloh Black Nike Collection 1
Virgil Abloh Black Nike Collection 1
Virgil Abloh Black Nike Collection 1

Virgil Abloh Confirms Full ‘Black’ Nike Collection

Virgil Abloh has weighed in with the official word on upcoming BlackNike colabs. Abloh shared a post by snkrslist featuring the black Presto, Air Max 90, Air Force 1, Blazer and Air Max 97, calling it ‘the full vision’. (Apparently the black VaporMaxes aren’t included in this category.)

We’ve seen most of this pack — some have even released — but the clincher is the confirmation of the Off-White Air Force 1. Leakers shared renders months ago, and all new images of the shoe rampaging through sneaker blogs right now actually trace back to an Instagram account called LN5factory, which has a store selling fakes.

What seems to be the case is that counterfeit factories are getting samples from brands, and then remaking 1:1 replicas which find their way onto the internet. It’s the same thing that happened with the latest Off-White Chuck Taylor: it appeared via a fake factory and was called out by Converse, who then released the exact same design. The waters are muddy!

Anyway, even though most of the AF-1s floating around are technically fugazi (we suspect even the one pictured), you can expect the same design to hit shelves eventually.

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