Vibram Five Fingers Cinco De Mayo Thumb 1
Vibram Five Fingers Cinco De Mayo 1

Vibram Want You to Drink From a Toe Shoe

Earlier this week Formula 1 tried to stake their claim on an Aussie rite of passage known as the ‘shoey’. Today, a surprise player enters the chugging championships, challenging the authority of the petrol-heads to their exclusive right to chug. In a promotion prompted by Mexican Cinco de Mayo celebrations, Vibram’s Five Finger toe shoe marketing minds are asking the world’s least fashion-conscious consumers to lift their glove-like footwear to the sky and knock back a margarita in honour of the festival of fives.

As repulsive as the shoey may seem coming from an average round-toed runner, may we remind you that the majority of Five Finger fanatics are jogging and hiking in these things without socks! So what’s the come-up for anyone brave enough to risk swallowing a bacterial culture that’s advanced enough to have attracted the attention of Hans Blix? Five lucky winners will receive a free pair of V-Aquas.

Bartender, pour up Five Fingers of your finest, we’ve got a nasty taste to wash out of our mouths.

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