Vibram FiveFingers Move Freely
Vibram FiveFingers Move Freely
Vibram FiveFingers Move Freely

Move Freely with Vibram's FiveFingers Toe Shoes

High performance rubber sole experts Vibram are fanning the flames of their undeniably questionable (yet beloved) FiveFingers category with their latest campaign. Reigniting the notion of the infinite possibilities when one can ‘Move Freely’, they’re kicking off with a short video which highlights the deep connection between the human foot and the natural environment through the minimalist sole technology and natural toe spread of the model.

Introduced in 2006, Vibram’s FiveFingers design dropped jaws all around the world, for the way in which it challenged conventional approaches to footwear. They were all about that barefoot concept! A slick and flexible shoe, these toe shoes fit the foot like a glove, allowing for natural functionality and protection. Garnering the attention of those interested in footwear and sports alike, there are specific models for many categories like fitness, running, trail running, water sports, excursions, everyday use and general training. And you can probably expect coffee runs or music festivals to be added to that list soon too!

Global chief brand officer and president of Vibram Corporation Fabrizio Gamberini said, ‘The Move Freely campaign marks a new, fresh, invigorating approach to the FiveFingers category and we encourage everyone to experience confidence in every step with a pair of FiveFingers. Whether discovering FiveFingers for the first time, or as a seasoned loyalist, we know this campaign will capture the attention of everyday users, adventurers and beyond.’

Will you go barefoot? Head over to the Vibram web store now to shop the FiveFingers range!

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