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Vetements X Reebok Pump Supreme

UPDATE: We told you we'd keep you posted on a wider release of the VetementsReebok Pump Supreme and here's the latest. The slick colab is officially part of the Parisian design collective's Spring/Summer 2017 collection, but you'll be able to catch an early drop of the minimalist Pump care of Dover Street Market.

Releasing December 1, both in-store and online, DSM will be stocking an exclusive grey colourway with white Vetements and Reebok branding, and black 'L' and 'R' labelling. Just pray that these don't carry standard Vetements pricing.

Vetements teamed up with MATCHESFASHION to unveil their new ‘Official Fake’ collection at a pop-up in Seoul recently. During the event the first Vetements x Reebok collaborative sneaker was revealed – and it’s not what we were expecting. Earlier this year we saw some images of an Insta Pump Fury, scrawled over with various marker pens, which was said to be the incoming colab. Designer Demna Gvasalia has revealed that the Insta Pump will still be releasing at some point, but for now we have a much more contemporary, sock-based Pump model.

The new shoe features a system of Pump tech, wrapped around the ankle and collar, while the knitted base for the shoe has been taken from a CrossFit model. The majority of the shoe is stark white, with black branding and red ‘left’ and ‘right’ labelled on the respective shoes – perhaps Vetements doesn’t believe too highly in the ability of customers to keep track of this kind of thing.

The Vetements x Reebok Pump Supreme were sold at the pop-up event but we wouldn’t be surprised to see a wider release shortly, we’ll keep you posted.

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– Originally published October 18, 2016

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