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Vetements And Reebok Release A $900 Pump

Vetements X Reebok Pump Pack 6Vetements X Reebok Pump Pack 6
Vetements X Reebok Pump Pack 5
Vetements X Reebok Pump Pack 4
Vetements X Reebok Pump Pack 2
Vetements X Reebok Pump Pack 1
Reebok X Vetements
Reebok X Vetements Black
Vetements X Reebok Genetically Modified Pump 02
Vetements X Reebok Genetically Modified Pump 01

UPDATE: Vetements aren't just releasing one new Pump, they've got multiple. Joining the Genetically Modified Pump are two InstaPump Furys, one in blue and one in black. If you were miffed at the $900 price tag, don't worry; these new offerings are a measly $780 USD. At such a bargain price, you might as well grab both. You can find them now on  Matches Fashion.

French fashion house of the moment Vetements have teamed up with for the release of the Genetically Modified Pump. The $900 shoe does take some design cues from the , but, for the most part, the model rides the wave of deconstructed sneakers. Though touted as a 'genetically modified' version of the OG Pump, this makeup looks more like an heirloom that's been passed down through (and worn in by) several generations of sneakerheads. The shoe's been constructed from pre-distressed and pre-aged woven textiles and leather, with black and white iterations on offer. And you won't have to worry about getting these pricy Pumps dirty – Vetements have done the work for you.

The Vetements x Reebok Genetically Modified Pump has already sold out despite its hefty price tag, but keep an eye on Dover Street Market in case there's a restock.

Originally published on September 11, 2017

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