Ford Versace Lateral
Ford Versace Medial
Ford Versace Top
Ford Versace Outsole

Versace’s $1200 Logo Sneaker Is The Ultimate Ford Flex
Release: 11 October 2019

Style Code: N/A

Colourway: Ford Logo

That’s not a typo — the extra zero is for real. Italian design house Versace has released a high-top sneaker that’s rather unique. Designed in collaboration with motoring make Ford, it’s impossible to miss the all-over logo treatment.

White and blue are the OG Ford colours, so that’s exactly what’s found here. Badges are everywhere on the upper, except for the white ankle panel to break things up just a little bit. The unique blue midsole insert adds some more contrast, leading to the Versace-logo-embellished outsole.,

Put the age old Ford vs Holden debate to sleep with this kick, available now from Luisa Via Roma.

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