Versace Chain Reaction
Versace Chain Reaction
Versace Chain Reaction

Versace Encrust the Chain Reaction with Bling Bottoms
Release: 7 August 2020

Colourway: White/Gold

There’s something terribly good about the Versace Chain Reaction. Maybe the high fashion house has a self-deprecating sense of humour, and is ironically holding onto the final shreds of the ‘Dad Shoe’ meme, but these gaudy gems are great. This is largely due to that all-gold sole.

If Midas and Goldfinger both wore sneakers, they’d be fighting over these. Which explains why the chain-link-style soles are dipped in the shiniest gold paint Versace could find in their Italian factories. Tonal white uppers with translucent overlays tone things down – just a little.

Part with 1195 of your finest dollary doos over on 24s to cop.

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