Versace Chain Reaction J Lo Jungle Right
Versace Chain Reaction J Lo Jungle Quarter
Versace Chain Reaction J Lo Jungle Top

Versace Channels ‘That Dress’ with Latest Chain Reaction
Release: 27 May 2019

Colourway: JLo Jungle

Before the Internet was warring over whether the dress was black and blue or gold and white, there was another ‘the dress’ that had the whole world talking. When Jennifer Lopez stepped onto the red carpet at the 2000 Grammys rocking Versace, jaws dropped (even if it seems pretty tame by today’s standards).

And now the luxury fashion house are paying homage to that watershed fashion moment with their latest Chain Reaction. The verdant upper is locked down with similarly hued TPU caging, and the whole thing sits atop the hulking Chain Reaction sole.


Only 1500 pairs of the tongue-in-cheek design have been made, and they’ll be available from May 27.


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