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Vans Vault Whiteout Collection

I’d love to pretend that I’m big enough to discuss a pack of white Vans without alluding to the Damn Daniel meme fiasco, but I’m just not. The unassuming bon vivant of six second Vines met the queen regent of day time TV, and was immortalised in rap by Beyoncé’s husband. Oddly enough he’s attained the type of sneaker legacy that no amount of hashtags and re-‘grams ever could.

That legacy – that glimmer of a memory invoked when you see a pair of white Vans – is experienced threefold in this Vans Vault Whiteout Collection. The pack comprises an Authentic, a Sk8-Hi and an Old Skool which all don the pure shade that, if Daniel were Taylor Swift, would likely be trademarked by now. Each shoe is also constructed from Van’s premium VLT leather, meaning you’ll be able to keep them tidy and wear fresh Vans every day even if you don’t have a lifetime supply.

The Vans Vault Whiteout Collection is available now from Feature.

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