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Vans Pro Classics By Jeff Grosso

Jeff Grosso Vans 4
Jeff Grosso Vans 2
Jeff Grosso Vans 3

Non-skaters might not be aware of the awesomeness that is Jeff Grosso (here's a quick crash course), but Jeff Grosso was right up there with the best that ever skated and still continues to shred after all these years. From the Bones Brigade to Anti-Hero, Roastbeef to Love Letters to Skateboarding, the man has played an important part in the course of skateboarding history without giving a single f%#k the entire time. To celebrate his career, Vans Pro Classics has collaborated with Grosso to release two sneakers; a low-key, black on black series featuring his favourite and silhouettes. Find a local spot that will be stocking the sneakers here.

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