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Vans Woessner Trout Shoe 2
Vans Otw Cobern Trout Shoe 2
Vans Otw Trout Sneaker 2
Vans Trout Woessner 2
Vans Cobern Trout 2
Otw Trout Pack 3
Vans Cobern Sneaker 2
Vans Otw Trout Bag 2
Vans Woessner Trouts 2
Vans Trout Print 2

Vans Otw Trout Pack

Vans casts off with the new Trout Pack, featuring the relaxed canvas Woessner and the boat-shoe inspired oiled leather Cobern. Part of the premium OTW collection, each shoe is covered in a vintage fishing print and comes with a matching cotton shoe bag. Snare a pair today over at Premier.

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