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Vans Old Skool Mono Tornado Grey
Vans Old Skool Mono Tornado Grey5
Vans Old Skool Mono Tornado Grey4
Vans Old Skool Mono Tornado Grey3
Vans Old Skool Mono Tornado Grey2
,Vans Old Skool Mono Tornado Grey1

Vans Old Skool Mono (Tornado Grey)

There aren't many things sweeter than a Vans Old Skool done right. The classic low top silhouette manages to lend itself to various treatments while still keeping it's unique edge, perhaps because of its well-cut composition. Take this tonal 'Tornado Grey' colourway as an example. Without the distraction of colourblocking or patterned adornment our eyes are instantly drawn to the smooth lines of the Old Skool; from the suede toe cap to the leather 'Jazz Stripe' and padded canvas collar – it all works. A classic sneaker if there ever was one, the OG Vans stalwart falls into the sweet spot of the Venn diagram between form and function.

The Old Skool Mono in Tornado Grey is available now from Vans including COUTIÉ.

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