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Vans Old Skool Check Suede
Vans Old Skool Check Suede5
Vans Old Skool Check Suede4
Vans Old Skool Check Suede3
Vans Old Skool Check Suede2

Vans Old Skool (Check Suede)

Vans and checkerboard are forever linked. Since the brand’s inception the pattern has been a staple, finding its way onto most classic silhouettes. Continuing this lineage, Vans have released a suede Old Skool featuring the iconic motif in all black. Straying from convention, the pattern is embossed – rather than printed – on the side-panels. Black stripes, toe and heel panels contribute to a stealth aesthetic.

The Old Skool in Check Suede is available now from ,Vans retailers including Politics.

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