Vans Mount Vernon Pack
Vans Slip On Mount Vernon Pack
Vans Old Skool Mount Vernon Pack
Vans Authentic Mount Vernon Pack

Vans' Mount Vernon Pack is the Gentleman's Choice
Release: 2 August 2019

Style Code: VN0A4BTZVY71

Colourway: Mount Vernon Pack

With all the extra soles and high fashion glue and blacklight-reactive material hitting shelves today, sometimes you just want to go back to some good old classic Vans. But when you don’t have enough pull to get away with ,wearing GRs to the White House, or on covers of fashion mags, you’ve got to wait for something a little more special, like this Mount Vernon pack: the gentleman’s choice.

With an Era, Old Skool and Slip-On all lashed with pinstripes, the offering puts the class in classic.

All are available now, and even come with matching garb and accessories.

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