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The Vans Mid Skool 'Unstuffed Animal' is Unsettlingly Unique

Vans Mid Skool Unstuffed Animal VN0A7Q4S91R
Vans Mid Skool Unstuffed Animal VN0A7Q4S91R
Vans Mid Skool Unstuffed Animal VN0A7Q4S91R

Halloween may have happened almost a month ago, but here is a creepy contender that's only just crawled out from the nightmare fuel over at Vans HQ. The Mid Skool, a slightly taller version of the classic Old Skool, has undergone some sneaker surgery and been grafted with the fluffy entrails of a formerly cuddly teddy bear. Christened with the hellish moniker of 'Unstuffed Animal', this is certainly an unsettlingly unique release.

When looking at these Vans from the right angle, they could almost pass off as sneaker sci-fi: perhaps a glimpse into an alternate universe where Jeremy Scott plays Seth Brundle in The Fly, instead of Jeff Goldblum. Running with this theory, it would make sense that the teddy bear on these sneakers – ripped seams, missing eyeballs and all – is melded all over the vamp, with the distinct Jazz stripe akin to a surgical scar down its smiling face.

Elsewhere, these Mid Skools are fairly unassuming – once the other details are overlooked. Neutral beige suede toe boxes and pink waffle rubber soles are nice touches to an otherwise horrific sneaker.

The Van Mid Skool 'Unstuffed Animal' is available now from Warsaw Sneaker Store.

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