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Vans Ortho Lightweight 1
Jordan Lxvi Lightweight Burgundy 1
Vans Ortho Heel 1
Vans Ortho Burgundy 1
Vans Lxvi Collection Ortho 04 1
Vans Lxvi Collection Ortho 02 1
Vans Lxvi Collection Ortho 03 1
Vans Ortho Blue 1
Blue Orange Vans Ortho 1

Vans Lxvi Ortho

Vans have always owned skate. Thrashed and bashed on more boards than any other brand, they know a thing about blancing heavy-duty durability with pinpoint performance. Enter the LVXI collection, the most comfortable, flexible and lightweight Vans range yet. New models like the Ortho put a high-tech twist on the traditional Vans aesthetic. Featuring PleasureCuff support on the heel and RapidWeld construction for a durable finish, you'll find the Ortho instore now at selected Vans retailers. We're giving away some crispy cuts from the Vans LXVI collection – hit our Win/Win page for details!

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