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Vans Lxvi Multicam Group Shot 1
Vans Lxvi Multicam Secant Profile 1
Vans Lxvi Multicam Stat Profile 1
Vans Lxvi Multicam Variable Profile 1
Vans Lxvi Multicam Graph Profile 1
,Vans Lxvi Multicam Numeral Profile 1

Vans Lxvi (Multicam Collection)

Vans drop a five pack of MultiCam® LXVI models into the urban war zone for all the urban commandos out there. The MultiCam® pattern was created by NYC-based manufacturing firm Crye Precision to conceal soldiers during covert operations and has been used by federal agencies including the FBI, CIA, DEA and the Secret Service! The Graph, Secant, Numeral, Variable and Stat lightweight models all sport the MultiCam® material making for a truly incognito five-pack. For availability info on these military models hit up www.vans.com/lxvi.

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