Vans Berle Pro White Lateral
Vans Berle Pro White Medial
Vans Berle Pro White Top
Vans Berle Pro White Outsole
Vans Berle Pro Rumba Red Lateral
,Vans Berle Pro Rumba Red Medial
Vans Berle Pro Rumba Red Top
Vans Berle Pro Rumba Red Outsole
Vans Berle Pro Navy Lateral
Vans Berle Pro Navy Medial
Vans Berle Pro Navy Top
Vans Berle Pro Navy Outsole
Vans Berle Pro Pack
Vans Berle Pro Rumba Red 1

Vans Introduce New Model for Elijah Berle
Release: 15 February 2019

Vans have introduced a new signature model for team member Elijah Berle, and have dropped it in three different colourways to celebrate the launch. Dubbed the ‘Berle Pro’, the latest silhouette strives to reduce the distance between your foot and the board, adopts WaffleControl technology to improve grip, and caps all that off with sturdy canvas and suede uppers. The internal LuxLiner ensures comfort, while the choice of ‘Rumba Red’, ‘Black/White’ and ‘Stv Navy’ colourways means there’s a look for just about everyone.

Take your pick and head over to Vans UK to secure yourself a pair today.

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