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Vans Bushwick Leopard Camo Blackmint Redblue 1
Vans Era Ca Henna Camo 1
Vans Lynwood Knit Navy Turtledove 1
Vans Buffalo Boot Caera Ca Henna 1
Vans Bushwick Leopard Camo Black Mint 1
,Vans Bushwick Leopard Camo Red Blue 1
Vans Alomar Aw Clay 1
Vans Alomar Aw Militia Blackfusion Brownred 1
Vans Buffalo Boot Ca Henna Camo 1
Vans Alomar Aw Black Fusion 1

Vans Holiday Collection 2013 (Alike Delivery)

Trust dem Germans to be thinking ahead! While we're digesting Vans' fall drops, Hamburg store Alike is already plotting for the holiday season and has provided this preview of the big V releases planned for late 2013. Included in the drop is a pair of Alomar AWs in black and brown, offering up a casual slightly sinister steez; a Buffalo Boot and Era CA leather double in a classy henna/camo colourway; the cardigan-like high top Lynwood in a 'turtledove' makeup; and a couple of blaring Vans Bushwicks (below). The happy holiday range will drop at Alike in October and November.

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