Vans Chunky Sneaker Varix
Vans Chunky Sneaker Varix 1
Vans Chunky Sneaker Varix 2
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Vans Go in on the Chunky Sneaker Game

The chunky sneaker game shows no signs of slowing down, NYFW wrapping up with adi Falcons, Yung-1s, M2Ks and Balenciaga Triple S all well-repped. Although a little late to the party this time around, Vans owned the chunky aesthetics back in the 90s with skate shoes designed with heavy builds and materials.

The California-based brand is now going in on the current trend, attempting to wrestle back some control over a style they owned nearly two decades ago. ,The new Varix silhouette certainly looks like it's part of Vans’ vintage arsenal; the sneaker is built with leather and suede overlays, with a puffy mesh base and half a seashell on the side panel giving us a pale, summer aesthetic that's got us all vibing 90s skate nostalgia.

The Vans Varix is available now for $100.

Go get ‘em Vans.

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