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Vans Ask FDMTL to Boro a Feeling

Japanese traditions of patchwork and textile repair have a long history of economical purpose. But in recent times, the aesthetics of sashiko sticking and boro fabrics have become vogue. FDMTL have since become the go-to for authentic-styled reproductions of traditional indigo-dyed designs and once again they’ve partnered with Vans to do their thing on a set of classic Slip-Ons and Authentics.

They come dyed with dark indigo that will fade and wear over time. To illustrate the outcome of heavy use, the crew from FDMTL have photographed examples of some beaten up pairs next to brand new ones. If you’re after something a little different, then this is the answer.

The FDMTL x Vans Sashiko styles are available now from select stockists throughout Europe.

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