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Vans and Civilist Take a Coffee and Cigarette Break

Berlin skate shop Civilist have their daily routine down to a tee. They open up the store's doors each morning, set up the cash register, clean the shop’s fixtures, then finally head out for a well-deserved coffee and cigarette break. In their recent collaborative venture with Vans, Civilist have aimed to create footwear that's as classic, dependable and comforting as their beloved morning coffee and smoke session.

The Vans x Civilist ‘Coffee and Cigarettes’ Pack contains two models from the Vans archive: the Vans Authentic Pro and the Style 47 DX. The Authentic Pro comes in a black, dark coffee inspired shade, complete with an innersole printed with an image of coffee beans. There’s also a white and grey striped iteration of the Pro on offer; according to Civilist, it’s inspired by the hessian sacks in which coffee beans are transported and stored.

Civilist have also revived the lesser-known Style 47 DX slip-on, dressing up the velcro vintage make-up in premium black suede. The 47 is an exclusive release, available only in the skateboarding retailer’s Berlin store.

The brands are keen to stress that they’re not promoting the act of smoking cigarettes in this colab – cigarettes cause cancer, after all! If you’re searching for a safer alternative to nicotine, you can either switch to a safer herb or grab something from this ‘Coffee and Cigarettes’ pack. Both options will leave you feeling pretty cosy, although the Vans x Civilist models will most definitely help you move somewhere further than the couch.

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