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Under Armour Lifestyle
Under Armour Lifestyle

Under Armour's First Casual Sneaker

After making their mark on the hard court it looks like Under Armour are carving out their own chunk of the lifestyle game. It’s not clear at this point how wide their range will be – the first preview, coming to us via Derek Curry on the ‘gram, showing just one silhouette we can only assume comes pre-scented with a mothball odour. A lot of brands reference back to old athletic models in the lifestyle market, so for a young brand like Under Armour the challenge will lie in creating entirely new designs from the ground up. The first sighting shows a low cut shoe that looks to have a knit construction. The design steers clear of any bold statement colours, opting instead for a houndstooth pattern and a colourway reminiscent of a dusty tweed jacket – possibly taking cues from the depths of grandad's wardrobe. The outsole has a dirty-translucent shade, like the billow from a vape smoker in a dust storm. There’s been a gap in the market for sneaks you can match to your fedora for quite some time now, looks like it's Under Armour’s plan to plug it.

According to Derek Curry the Under Armour Lifestyle range will be available soon through Sneaker Politics.

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