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Under Armour Curry Two (Iron Sharpens Iron)

UPDATE: These drop this weekend!

Steph Curry is aiming to do a Drizzy this season, so he's gonna need a super ball-boot to bring home the loot. Under Armour are confident that they've forged just that from the fires of Mount Doom in this new Curry Two – will it be enough to make Chef Curry the lord of the rings, though? Living by the maxim of 'if it ain't broke don't fix it', UA re-applies the 'Speedform' fit and 'Charged Cushioning' impact absorption features, with a design not radically different from the OG. The first colourway to drop is this 'Iron Sharpens Iron' release, which is apparently inspired by Captain Cuz's drive to strive to make himself and his squad better through hard work and dedication. He's a piece of iron sharpening other bits of iron, I guess? Or is he a clothes iron ironing out the creases of the team? The Curry Two will drop worldwide on October 24.

Originally featured on September 8, 2015

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