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Umbro Jump on the Bandwagon with 'Bumpy'

Umbro would like you to know that they can dad with the best of them. The English brand are most often seen on the football pitch, but their new ‘Bumpy’ model is better suited to IG ‘fit picks.

The sneaker rides the Triple S' coattails, embracing bulk and experimenting with colour. An upcoming three-pack will drop with a black and white make-up, but the one people will care about most is the navy, azure, pastel yellow and wine-red option.

The beast differs slightly from recent catwalk stars with its jagged sole, like you’d see on a Seeulater; a hint of functionality we don't think will go off-road any time soon.

Fans will have to search for a plug in Korea, as the chunky Bumpy will only release there through Umbro online.

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