Ubiq Saucony Grid 9000 Dp
Ubiq Saucony Grid 9000 Tongue
Ubiq Saucony Grid 9000 Sideview
Ubiq Saucony Grid 9000 Perspective
Ubiq Saucony Grid 9000 Martini
,Ubiq Saucony Grid 9000 Closeup3
Ubiq Saucony Grid 9000 Closeup2
Ubiq Saucony Grid 9000 Closeup

Ubiq X Saucony Grid 9000 (Dirty Martini)

Eighty percent gin, 20 percent vermouth, one hunna percent opulence; the martini is much-loved by old money magnates and wannabe aristocrats who wanna be drunk real quick. It's also James Bond's shook-up drank of choice and serves as the muse for UBIQ's rendition of the Saucony Grid 9000. Titled the 'Dirty Martini', after the variant drink which includes a dash of olive juice to really wake you up, it's all layers of olive suede with black holding down the back end, and blaring pimento red accents everywhere else – that bright colour reps the cherry peppers that fill the olives that are plopped in martinis. This really is one for the class acts out there, check the multiple glass chinking video below for proof. It will be available this Saturday, March 8th from UBIQ.

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