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,Ubiq X Diadora N9000 Whiz Wit

Ubiq X Diadora N9000 (Whiz Wit)

In a follow-up to their Italian-inspired N9000 in 2016, the crew at Philadelphia boutique UBIQ have collaborated with Diadora once again to produce a tribute to the City of Brotherly Love's most iconic delicacy – the cheesesteak. Combining thin slices of beefsteak and melted cheese on a hoagie roll, the cheesesteak is serious business on the streets of Philly.

Dubbed 'Whiz Wit', this colab draws its name from the unique 'cheesesteak' vocabulary – aka a hoagie with Cheez Whiz and onions. The N9000 embraces a blend of premium brown leathers, sandy suede and blinding hits of 'Cheez Whiz' yellow, evocative of the mouth-watering culinary creation. Debossed 'Wit' and 'Wit-Out' branding on the left and right shoes replaces the standard N9000 markings, while UBIQ's logo adorns the heel. Each pair comes packaged with four lace options, including two sets of two-tone rope laces as well as a set of ketchup-red and whiz-yellow flat laces.

The UBIQ x Diadora N9000 'Whiz Wit' will launch on January 28 through UBIQ's Philadelphia and Georgetown locations, with special shop displays to replicate the true cheesesteak experience. Each in-store pair will come in custom packaging bundled with some other exclusive goodies. The stores will also have two specially-designed t-shirts up for sale. The colab will also be available through UBIQ's online store from 10am EST.

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