Ubiq X Diadora N9000
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Ubiq X Diadora N9000

Where others have fallen, Diadora remains – left standing as the sole remaining Italian sportswear brand to still make shoes in their homeland. True, not every shoe Diadora makes nowadays has the luxury of being made in the boot-shaped country but, those that are, are something truly special. Bestowed with the privilege of producing a collaboration to be blessed with 'Made In Italy' construction, the crew at Philadelphia boutique UBIQ chose to explore what it truly means to be 'Made in Italy'.

Trekking through the Northeast of Italy, from Treviso to Venice, UBIQ have delivered a bold N9000 made of high quality suede and soft cow grain leather, and refined by the delicate touch of the mastercraftsmen at Diadora's Caerano di San Marco factory. In UBIQ's own words, this is a collaboration 'conceptualised in Philly. Handcrafted in Italy'.

The UBIQ x Diadora N9000 will be available May 21st through UBIQ, both in-store and online.

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