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Trolli Set to Drop the 'Most Valuable Candy' Sneaker Soon

Almost immediately after James Harden was awarded NBA’s 2018 MVP, adidas dropped a collection of commemorative sneakers online. Since the Beard also happens to be a brand ambassador for Trolli, the next obvious celebration is to build a life-sized Harden Vol. 2 from candy. Duh.

The ‘Most Valuable Candy’ will sport the same ‘MVP’ colourway as the signature shoes but with notes of raspberry, lemon, strawberry and blackberry. Similar edible collectibles have been created by the German candy company before, which were then raffled with StockX. This time you’ll have to jump onto Amazon and drop $2,677 to pick up the yummy gummies (the same number of points the Beard dropped this past season).

Only three pairs will be available for purchase June 29, with all proceeds going towards Harden’s charity, 3TheHardenWay. Set an alert because these will be gobbled up immediately!

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