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Trolli Made Full Size Gummy Harden Vol. 2s

The recent release of Trolli’s Sour Brite Sneaks has had sweet-toothed sneakerheads frothing at the mouth as 7-11 stores struggle to combat bots and resellers.

But if you thought the mini Harden Vol. 1 styled treats were sweet, then get an eyeful of this full-sized Harden Vol. 2 replica, made entirely from gummy goodness. The Sourstock sneaker is the largest single piece of candy ever produced by Trolli and required them to recruit the assistance of Chicago Culinary FX to help out with the production of moulds, which were taken from deconstructed Hardens.

Unfortunately, the Sourstock Harden Vol. 2 will be harder to pick up than a signed pair of game-worn Jordan 1s. There are only three pairs in existence, each a different flavour. For the chance to score a super sweet sneaker, head over to Stock X, join the raffle and cross your fingers. All proceeds from the raffle go to the 3TheHardenWay charity.

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