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Tom Sachs X Nike Mars Yard 2.0 Global Release

Nike Tom Sachs Mars Yard 2 03
Tom Sachs X Nike Mars Yard 2 0 2
Tom Sachs X Nike Mars Yard 2 0 1
Nike Tom Sachs Mars Yard 2 02
Nike Tom Sachs Mars Yard 2 01

UPDATE: Nike have enjoyed toying with our emotions with this one. As soon as news of the global release broke, we were glued to the countdown on Nike Craft. We were excited to see the timer click down to July 8, confused when it changed to July 10, and anxious when it disappeared altogether. Now, the timer hasn't reappeared, but END. have come through with some closure: they've listed the shoe on their site – though, curiously, not on their Launches platform – with a drop date of July 27. Let's hope this one sticks – there's only so many loop-de-loops we can handle on this emotional rollercoaster.

After the of the x Nike Mars Yard 2.0 there were a few Martian-sneaker shaped holes in the our lives here at SF HQ – they came and went in a flash, like a hunk of space rock burning up in the atmosphere.  In their good graces, the folk at are hinting that the revised astro-travelling trainer will go global in early July. Don’t sleep on this round if you’re looking to join the ranks of Mars Yard owners, there’s no doubt the bots will be out in force for this drop – failure is no longer an option.

The Tom Sachs x Nike Mars Yard 2.0 looks to be releasing globally on July 10, stay tuned for more info.

– Originally published on June 14, 2017

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