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Tom Sachs Officially Reveals the Nike Mars Yard Overshoe
Release: 11 October 2018

Colourway: N/A


The wait is over. After months of speculation, Tom Sachs has officially revealed his latest Nike collaboration — the Mars Yard Overshoe — and it exceeds all expectation! As was rumoured back in September, the new design is like 'a moon boot with a Mars Yard hint to it'.

Sachs' new design is quite literally the closest thing to astronaut we've seen in the history of consumer footwear, looking like something plucked straight out of 2001: A Space Odyssey. The design is made from a combination of Dyneema, nylon and polyester, and is secured to the foot with a combination of toggles and magnets.

As the name suggests, the Overshoe is quite literally an 'over-shoe'. The inside looks to contain a complete Mars Yard 2.0 with extended tongue. Does this mean the inner shoe is removable? It's not clear at this stage but, considering the insane resale Tom Sachs' previous colabs are commanding — and the lack of Mars Yard Shoes in the Sneaker Freaker team's personal collections — we will certainly be keeping our fingers crossed!

The Tom Sachs x Nike Mars Yard Overshoe releases October 11, exclusively through DSM London. A limited global release is expected to follow at a later date — we'll keep you posted!

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