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Titolo X Sbtg X Vans Cadere Et Resvrgere Collection

Securing work from your favourite customiser can be a Herculean feat. Even if you overcome the price tag, some pieces are so exclusive that you feel like you’d have to win the lottery to have a chance to get your hands on them. In recognition of how insurmountable it can be, Titolo have have linked up with Vans and SBTG for a run of Old Skools and Sk8-His that will make the Singaporean customiser's work a little more accesible.

The collection has been named 'CADERE ET RESVRGERE' – Latin for ‘fall and rise’ – and boasts the customiser’s unmistakeable camo print and palette, with gold and silver accents highlighting the tongue and Sidestripe.

The Titolo x SBTG x Vans CADERE ET RESVRGERE pack will be available exclusively from Titolo on December 10.

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